Why take the Ekahau ECSE Design course?

Ayscom organizes and coordinates ECSE Design courses in Spain and Portugal, what is led by Ekahau, which we have been a Gold Reseller Partner for more than 10 years.

Discover in this article how you can become one of Ekahau ECSE Design’s certified engineers, and be part of a small elite group of 3,500 professionals,  who make use of their differential value to develop their projects.

What does the course consist of?

It is an official course, which includes recognition in the form of a certificate issued by Ekahau as ‘Ekahau ECSE Design Wifi engineer’.

This course resembles a Master’s degree, although with particularities: it is an advanced training on using Wi-Fi tools that will help you in the design of future projects and in the optimization of Wi-Fi networks that do not achieve the expected performance of your customers.
In addition, it is a relatively young course, since it has been held for 5 years and on which it is constantly being improved thanks to Ekahau, which works incorporating the latest news, which shows the timeliness of the content.


The course is taught for 4 days in person and intensively, since the period in which it elapses must meet the requirements and the organized agenda. With this format it is intended that the students who attend, normally active professionals, can complete their training in the most productive way possible.

Groups are small and with a limited number of places to offer greater teacher-student communication and vice versa.

The learning methodology is adapted and personalized according to the attendees, focusing it on their business thanks to the knowledge and experience of the professionals who teach these courses.

It is taught by the trainer Ferney Muñoz, an experienced and recognized worldwide Wi-Fi professional, who makes possible a great use of this course thanks to his ability to communicate and transmit his knowledge about Wi-Fi. He also teaches the course in Spanish, as it is his mother tongue.

What are you going to learn?

You will be able to learn the latest in terms of WLAN implementation worldwide: Europe, Asia, USA …

You will have the ability to apply to your projects the principles and methodologies learned in ECSE Design to improve the design, performance and innovation of your customers’ WLANs by using Ekahau PRO.
Knowledge and Skills ECSE Design

Other advantages of the course

Ekahau is the choice of important companies worldwide because it is a recognized brand for its knowledge of the main fundaments of RF and Wi-Fi, and that can be applied to their WLAN projects as a way to protect the investment they make in this technology.
This course is presented as an opportunity to develop networking since valuable contacts can be generated thanks to the context of the course, a small group of professionals from companies in the sector with shared interests gathered in a classroom where they share time and experiences around Wi-Fi.
Another reason that adds value to this course is the scarcity of similar studies. In Spain it is very rare to have access to any type of training related to Wi-Fi of these characteristics.
In short, this course is presented as an opportunity for those professionals who already have a proven career and experience in the world of WLANs and who intend to improve their qualification and high-level knowledge.

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