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An active network is a living system that requires continuous adjustments and improvements because of the entry of new elements, the emergence of new services and applications that must be accommodated, the constant changes in users behavior, the demands for improved performance, (etc). In our current environment these actions must be carried out in the shortest possible time, applying the best possible approach to obtain the maximum benefit for the company’s business.

Ayscom can provide solutions which allows not only to speed up decision-making for network optimization, but also to put the focus on those actions with a higher impact over strategic aspects (improvement of certain KPIs, increased performance for certain services better customer experience .



Preparation and automation of reports

Customization of reports with relevant data adapted to each specific use case.

Configuration flexibility

Capacity to tailor solutions to the specific definitions and needs of each customer to the level required.

Multiple technologies and services

GSM, UMTS, LTE, LTE-Advanced, WiFi, Voz CS, VoLTE, HTTP, FTP, Email , SMS, Ping, Video…

Automatic diagnostics

Incident detection, generation of their diagnosis and guide for their resolution.

Multiple data sources

Both in terms of type of source (drive test, counters, call trace, CM, etc.) and data collection supplier.


Multi-technology and vendor independent

Ayscom also provides the services necessary any needed services) for rapid a quick adoption of any of the supplied solutions (training, installation, customisation customization, operation, etc…). Through the contact window we can inform you of the about any details you may need and propose a concrete the specific solution that best suits your specific needs.