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Companies increasingly rely on Wi-Fi to connect people, devices, and equipments around the world, whether it’s mobile phones, medical equipment, manufacturing sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT), among others.

Nowadays, business Wi-Fi networks are an important part of most organizations’ daily business operations.

One of the main drivers of Wi-Fi adoption has been its ability to streamline existing business processes or services, while enabling a much more flexible environment through the mobile experience. People are no longer tied to their desk to do business.

In many industries, Wi-Fi is a critical systems need, essential for customer satisfaction and employee expectations. These notions could be taken into account to justify this need:

 Offering a free Wi-Fi connection has become the rule of every company and institution. This fact implies an improvement in business competence, since data collection facilitates the anticipation and subsequently demand satisfaction.

 Most of the population claims for an always available and easily accessible Wi-Fi, so they could surf the Internet wherever they go. If it doesn’t work well, or isn’t available, they’ll go somewhere else to get it.

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  Ekahau Connect

It’s a set of Wi-Fi tools that lets you design, optimize, and troubleshooting any enterprise Wi-Fi network faster, more accurately, and easier than ever before. It is used with Ekahau Pro and Ekahau Sidekick.

  Ekahau Pro

It is the professional software market leader for planning, coverage studies, spectrum analysis and Wi-Fi networks optimization.

With a powerful and modern interface that provides spectacular maps viewing performance.

It includes a channel planner and a real-time non-Wi-Fi interference detection engine, which are reflected in the project.

Supports 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)

  Ekahau Sidekick

“All in 1” precision device for professional Wi-Fi diagnosis and measurement.

Two Wi-Fi radios and a spectrum analyzer with 7 antennas for studies and precision field measurements in 2.4 and 5 GHz simultaneously.

It incorporates up to 8 hours battery, and 128Gb hard drive to store projects.

  Help Desk

Telephone assistance are from Monday to Friday, during business hours, except on public holidays.

Ekahau will attempt to respond to all product support queries received through the Customer Support Portal, by email or by phone during business hours, within one business day.

Support services will be provided remotely through the Customer Service Portal, by remote access, by email or by phone.



Software, both minor and major, are included during the contracted period, and usually include:

   New Features

   User’s interface Improvements

   Latest Wi-Fi antennas

   Latest Wi-Fi access point models

   Support for the latest network adapters

   Support for new standards

   Improvement of product performance and scalability

   Includes automatic version notification

  Connect subscription

Connect subscription implies the possibility of downloading, installing and using some Ekahau apps that are used with Ekahau PRO and the Sidekick:

   Ekahau Survey for iPad or iPhone: new professional version for iPad using Sidekick, which makes it easy and quick to do a field study with a “self-piloted” app. After the study, it is reported in the Windows or MacOS laptop version.

   Ekahau Capture: makes it possible for anyone to quickly capture Wi-Fi packets using Ekahau Sidekick to detect security problems, configuration, bandwidth utilization, traffic statistics, etc. It provides simultaneous capture of dual-channel packets to quickly diagnose incidents in roaming between APs.

   Ekahau Analyzer for iPad or iPhone: Now you can diagnose the health of your business Wi-Fi faster, get information quickly from RSSi, SNR, channel usage, connectivity, and roaming behavior, and perform a spectrum analysis on the go. It is used with iPad or iPhone.

   Ekahau Cloud: Cloud environment for Wi-Fi engineer’s collaboration, with the ability to store up to 2,500 projects (50Gb). It is a central repository, with backup and collaboration functions, which allows several technicians to work on the same project.

  ECSE Design

ECSE Diseño WiFi
Course ECSE Design

  ECSE Troubleshooting

ECSE Diseño WiFi Troubleshooting

Receive Ekahau Pro personalized training, theoretical and practical, to carry out predictive designs, stakeouts, coverage studies, spectrum analysis, Wi-Fi troubleshooting, etc.

Schedule, place and methodology according to your needs.

Taught by an Ekahau certified engineer with extensive and recognized experience in Wi-Fi projects with Ekahau tools.

There are different options:

   Face-to-face, at the client’s office

   face-to-face, in Ayscom classroom,

   and On-line

The agenda can be adapted to your needs, with an estimated duration of one or two days for a group of 8 to 10 students.

At Ayscom we have a professional team certified by Ekahau, in different areas in the sector, who are at your disposal for the deployment, advice and custom Wi-Fi professional services, among others. Support is extended from Spain and Portugal to the rest of the world.

These services can be:

   Wi-Fi field studies

   Coverage studies

   Spectrum analysis

   Wi-Fi technical office studies

   Performing planning based on requirements

   Staking projects


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