We are well versed in the market-leading solutions for monitoring your network, services and applications. The products we supply are designed to work 24x7x365, facilitate end-to-end vision and guide you to the root causes of incidents.

Ayscom’s proven capacity, accumulated throughout years of experience, enables us to provide everything from the simplest solutions to those addressing the challenges of monitoring multi-vendor, multi-technology scenarios and multi-domain networks.

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Marketing and

Key information on your business through monitoring systems that enable you to make the right decisions.

Proactively analyse the impact of incidents and your capacity to respond to your customers.


Functionality and performance of services, applications and network always at 100%.

Ensure that the processes are conducted in the most efficient manner.

Engineering and quality

Monitoring-systom metrics to:

Plan and optimise platform designs.

Periodically check the quality and guarantee levels of the various services.


Corporate Networks LAN / WAN / Cloud.
Wireless Networks.

Networks operators

Machine to machine.
Content service providers.

A probe is any instrument that is external to the network and is used to monitor it. Using external elements it is essential to avoid affecting the performance of the network components themselves and to take your own measurements, independently from your supplier.

Ayscom can provide probe-based monitoring solutions for the following two types:

Active probes

Passive probes

All these monitoring systems can be integrated and combined with other sources of information such as syslog, databases, business information, etc. to obtain a more comprehensive view of the impact incidents of a service may have on the company.

If the specifics of your network, applications or services do not admit coverage by commercial platforms, Ayscom has the right team to create the solution that suits your needs.

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