Applications and services only work as well as the networks on which they run. Business services such as Voice over IP (VoIP), VoLTE, unified communications (UC), video streaming or any other services can be severely affected by bottlenecks or issues arising in the network.

Accurate and reliable tools are needed to verify performance, see things from the user’s perspective and perform troubleshooting before, during and after deployment of new communications lines and/or services, with the level of information needed in each case.

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Sometimes passive measurements must be taken in the field to verify the network quality. For example, in wireless networks (WiFi, mobile telephony, etc.), it is important to have tools that provide us with a simple way of detecting interferences that disturb the proper functioning of our networks or of verifying the actual coverage that we are serving. To achieve this, Ayscom has the best solutions tailored to each type of network and measurement.

In its portfolio, Ayscom has solutions for field testing any service and technology, including: