ENGN/ AYSCOM, is the official partner to implement, manage and support the worldwide recognized VCMS software solution Panopto.
Designed for both Academic and Enterprise world, our VCMS merges the best of both worlds into a simple, very effective solution, designed to fit into any organization and specific needs. Whether if you want to improve communication strategies, online training, sales enablement, employee on boarding, social learning or live events,our VCMS software is the solution.
Simply, record and webcast, manage, edit and share video contents.

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As video becomes an increasingly important tool for communication and productivity, organizations must find a way to manage the huge amounts of video being stored and shared across their networks. The solution to this management issue is the use of a video content management system, or VCMS. A video content management system, or VCMS, is software that enables an organization to centralize, manage, and deliver video online.

Our solution is the only video platform that provides business and universities with integrated video recording, live streaming, video management, and inside-video search. Helping transforming the way your organization retains and shares knowledge.

Record and webcast

Capture presentations, online training, product demo, meetings and more from any laptop, Iphone or Ipad.

Share and manage

Upload your records to a secure video portal for sharing with anyone inside or outside your organization.

Search and view

Search across your video library and inside your videos for any spoken word. Then watch your recordings on any device.