ENGN/ AYSCOM, provide, implement, manage and supports worldwide recognized LMS software solutions.

Accordingly to the client’s characteristics and needs, whether if require quick and easy multimedia creation, a serious game, in-depth content production, or intelligent training management our LCMS and effective elearning content creation software’s are the solution.

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Training management and training delivery can be time-consuming, the right Learning Management System (LMS) can streamline this effort, making it easy to ensure the appropriate training is delivered to the each individual.

There are significant benefits to having all your training processes consolidated in one single system, allowing organizations to produce, deliver, manage, and evaluate the results. This allows organizations to have the full picture of everything that is happening throughout the organization.

Do you wish to inform, train, evaluate and certify your employees, your customers or your network of resellers? MOS Chorus is a 100% web-based, multilingual, SCORM 2004 compliant, LMS / LCMS solution that lets you create interactive eLearning content and distribute it within your extended organization.

MOS Chorus is the broadest platform to optimize your learning programs in your company.

MOS Chorus pricing is based on user licences (and not on functionalities), allowing you to develop your projects without any financial surprises. User licences are specific to active individuals. Registered in the database. It is possible to deactivate users, save their history, and reactivate them if need be. Author licences are “token licences”: floating licences not allocated to a named user.

With more than 3.5 million users and over 1,000 customers all over the world, IMC AG, which emerged as university spin-off, is today one of the leading full service providers in the field of digital training. In terms of premises, since the start of 2013 we have returned to our roots at the university.

On campus, with over 15 years of experience and with 170 employees worldwide, IMC supports companies, public institutions and training establishments of all sizes and from all industries with the implementation of tailor-made training processes.

The integrated product portfolio, comprising solutions in the fields of learning and talent management, e-learning content, authoring and publishing, business process guidance, smart shows and video as well as massive open online courses, represents flexibility, customer- and process orientation and the efficient use of cloud technologies.

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