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Cascade Microtech FormFactor company made by the world leader in the design and development of wafer and measurement test solutions, allow electrical measurements to be taken to test semiconductor chips and integrated circuits from DC to THz.

Whether you need an affordable manual probe station for taking measurements on samples of up to 150 mm, or semiautomatic solutions for monitoring the temperature and/or pressure of wafers of up to 300 mm, Cascade Microtech offers high performance solutions for on-wafer, circuit board, riser card, MEMS and optoelectronic device measurements, providing highly reliable data.

In addition to the probe station, Ayscom provides accessories such as thermal control systems, measuring probes, micromanipulators, special cables, WinCal XE calibration software.

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PM8 Manual probe station

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Summit Semi Automatic probe system

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PA200 semiautomatic probe Station

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BlueRay probe system for production

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CM300 scalable automatic probe system

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ELITE300 Probe Station

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PM300 Manual probe station

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PA300 Probes System

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Multi DC-RF

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RELIABILITY SYSTEMS Solutions that enable growth depending on the need, from small WLR (wafer-level reliability) applications to large, fully-automated WLR or PLR (package-level reliability) applications.

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