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Ayscom offers a wide range of services related to network and service measurement based on our extensive experience and knowledge of the tools and technologies.

We adapt to our customers’ needs, look for the solution that best fits their specific interest and handle the entire process from compiling the requirements to the delivery of the data and final reports.

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Specialized in those campaigns that focus on concrete case studies, Ayscom provides drive test services suitable for any technology and service offered by your mobile network. We manage and carry out measures and we also have a qualified team to analyse the results and propose improvements.

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Ayscom offers the solutions and experience necessary to verify the maximum capacity supported by a client’s systems or devices in each of its functions, by simulating demanding test environments.

These tests can be performed:

Benchmarking de dispositivos

The service offered by Ayscom for evaluating devices is oriented towards achieving a competitive analysis of the proposed solutions for incorporation into the network, security infrastructure or CPD program.

This is done by applying a rigorous method based on standards and by using high-capacity and precise professional tools.

With the information obtained in the study our clients can select the most efficient solution for their environment and negotiate the best price, achieving the best performance without paying a Euro more than necessary.

Benchmarking de dispositivos

We can access information from any operator in mobile phone network access radius. This provides visibility of the quality of their networks and services. Ayscom manages, conducts and analyses comparative measurements adjusted to each customer’s objectives.

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Ayscom has the most suitable experience and tools for characterizing the interference signals and minimizing the time required to locate their sources in any environment and at any frequency.

Ayscom’s expert team of consultants helps companies to ensure timely completion of key business initiatives without requiring any investment in test equipment or laboratory maintenance.
Ayscom helps companies to evaluate network performance, scalability and accessibility in the deployment of new services, applications and technologies quickly and cost-effectively.

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