Ensure the performance of your systems with NeoLoad Load Testing


At Ayscom, a recognized specialist in test environments and monitoring of networks, systems, applications and services, we continue to expand our offer of products and services with which to help our clients maximize business benefits through the correct use of Technology.

To do this, we have decided to complement initiatives that are already consolidated in the company, such as our Software Development Department, with a solution provider capable of covering the adaptation and automation requirements that our clients find when verifying the correct delivery of your digital services. This purpose has led to an alliance with Neotys, a company specialized in “load testing” through its NeoLoad tool.

neotis neoload

NeoLoad is a solution for the automation of performance tests both in APIs and in web and mobile end-to-end applications. The main functionality of the tool consists of recording a series of interactions with web applications and APIs, which can later be parameterized and reproduced with multiple simulated users. During the execution of these users, the servers on which the applications under test run can be monitored, in order to verify that the delivery of the services is carried out correctly and that the system is capable of responding to the requests of multiple users.

Currently, the NeoLoad platform offers the necessary functionalities to cover all the requirements of design, creation, updating and execution of load tests, in addition to monitoring the infrastructure in which the systems under test are running.

Another of the differentiating features of the solution that Neotys offers is the possibility of using your private cloud to launch the load generators that will run the tests. In this way, the client does not need to have their own infrastructure that supports the virtual users they want to simulate, with the initial investment and maintenance costs that this implies, but can rent the resources according to the demand they have, and focus the efforts in the correct management of the business.

neoload example

In addition to these functionalities, Neotys wanted to adapt its solution in accordance with current trends in the IT sector, giving special importance to the following aspects:

The concept of automation has become more important in each new version of the NeoLoad platform. This approach has been evident both in the integration of tools that have been developed, and in the functionalities that have been added over time. Particularly noteworthy is the interest in making the tool compatible with most DevOps solutions on the market.

The goal of these integrations is to turn performance testing into one more link in the testing chain that each new software version goes through, so that developers get almost immediate feedback on the impact each new version of code has on the overall performance of the system, facilitating the verification of the service delivered to the end customer.

jenkins neoload

One of the key factors in measuring the quality of performance tests is realism in the behavior it simulates. The more realistic the set of actions simulated in a test, the more accurate the results will be and the greater capacity for anticipation will be in preventing possible problems with real users. Some of the options that NeoLoad offers to simulate more realistic user behavior are:

  • Network conditions with which users access, allowing simulation of bandwidth variation, latency and packet loss, as well as 3G, 4G, Wifi, and more.
  • Simulation of devices, browsers and operating systems that users use to access the system under test.
  • Parameterization of the behavior simulated by the users, which allows to vary the actions carried out in a test plan, change the content of the forms that are filled out and interact with the responses obtained from the system under test.
wan emulation neoload

Automation of the analysis process of the results of the tests carried out with functionalities such as the creation of comparative reports or the possibility of defining SLAs and verifications that are carried out automatically and allow calculating whether a test ends successfully or not.

NeoLoad is consolidated as the most complete solution on the market and the most indicated to help in the transformation of the performance evaluation processes of digital applications and services, offering developers and testers automation techniques for the design and maintenance of tests, enabling more realistic user simulation, speeding up root cause analysis and providing integration with the leading CI / CD tools on the market.

Whether in systems that do not have any load testing tools or in those that have any other solution, the implementation of NeoLoad represents both an improvement in the quality of the tests carried out and a saving in the costs of implementation and maintenance of tests.

Ayscom’s objective is to improve the productivity of our clients and we believe that the best way to do this is by advising them on the solutions that best fits their environment and requirements, providing them with leading solutions in their sectors and accompanying them in the implementation and exploitation of the tools through professional services carried out by experienced specialists.

The alliance with Neotys is one more step on this collaboration procedure with which Ayscom intends to help its clients. For this reason, we have not hesitated to prepare a team of certified engineers with the capacity to deploy, configure, support and exploit the tool, as well as training, allowing to maximize the return on your investment and reinforcing the positive impact that the implementation of the tool has on medium-long term.

Ayscom has a range of Professional Services that seeks to cover the different levels of involvement that each client may require:

  • Training in the use of the tool, for clients who are interested in implementing and executing their test plans.
  • Helps in the design and implementation of the first test plans, advising client teams in the first steps of using the solution.
  • Creation of testing plans so that the client’s team is the one who periodically executes them and performs the subsequent analysis of results.
  • Carrying out all phases of the development and execution of test plans, including the results analysis phase, providing the client with reports that help them to evaluate and troubleshoot their systems.

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