Moving towards a more connected future: benefits of 5G technology

Thanks to mobile technology, we can have connectivity, information and services in the different spaces where we invest time in our day to day. The presence of mobile technology in our lives is gaining more and more prominence. In order to maintain a good user experience, a greater demand for network access capacity will be necessary from different devices, in any situation, so that we are going to need better features than exist today.

In line with this, mobile telephony has been advancing generation after generation until today, to reach a new network standard called 5G, this 5G technology incorporates the following improvements with regard to the previous standard:

5G technology

The increase in speed is reflected in a significant decrease in download time. In this way, a file that can take an hour to be available with 4G technology, is transferred in just a few seconds using 5G.

Decreasing latency is essential when it comes to real-time applications: response time is decisive in these cases. This improvement can have multiple benefits in different sectors, such as the automotive sector. A car connected in a 5G environment could react almost instantly to a dangerous event, substantially increasing the safety of its occupants.

With this technology, the bandwidth is increased to accommodate a greater number of connections, allowing an increase in simultaneously connected smart devices.

The capacity that 5G has as an infrastructure to fluidly manage the traffic that the use of IoT offers, will allow it to be integrated more significantly, both professionally and personally.

Another important benefit generated by 5G technology is the improvement in efficiency, due to a reduction in energy consumption, which is estimated to be around 90%. Specially worth noting is the performance of batteries, which will have less maintenance.

How do we participate in Ayscom in this 5G technology?

At Ayscom, aware of the the step forward of the 5G technology, we accompany our clients in the incorporation of this technology, to their business model safely and efficiently in the following areas:

For each of the above tasks, at Ayscom we have a team of 5G network specialist technicians and the necessary skills to ensure that your test, measurement and monitoring projects are successful.

On the other hand, we collaborate with the best manufacturers on the market, which allows us to supply or make use of all the necessary tools to guarantee the best measure, supervision and testing of the service, infrastructure and 5G networks.

In short, if you want to incorporate all the benefits of 5G into your business processes, at Ayscom you have the technology partner who will guide and advise you on your specific needs. Do not hesitate to join the following technological reality with the highest possible efficiency and operability.

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