What do we do for you?

We are a national B2B company, dedicated to guaranteeing the performance of your business in an interconnecting world, putting at your disposal the main Test and Monitoring solutions for your networks and business applications.

Optimize the performance of your networks and business applications
Ayscom was born in 2003 after observing the non-existence in the national market of a company dedicated to connecting the large network operators, CISO’s, QA’s, etc. with the main solutions on the market to guarantee the performance of your networks and systems.
Almost two decades later, at Ayscom we can be proud to work with the main internationally renowned partners: Keysight (Ixia), Viavi, Netscout, Sigos, etc. Our team of experts selects the best solution to guarantee, whatever your need at that time:
The performance and speed of your network
Validate security

Guarantee the correct flow of traffic

Training and advice

At Ayscom, we provide training and support throughout the entire life cycle of your solution. We adapt to the complexity of your network, with a wide professional services department that can guarantee you a customized solution.
Finally, our extensive experience in Network Testing and Monitoring has allowed us to expand our test and measurement business to the field of software and business programs and applications, with partners as disruptive as Akamas and NeoLoad, as well as a large team of experts who will not only propose the best solution, but will optimize it and help you throughout the process.


Help you to improve the performance of your business in an interconnected world, putting at your disposal the main Test & Monitoring solutions on the market, to improve the performance and security of your networks and business applications.


Become your best partner, advising you, accompanying you in your projects and providing the optimized solutions you need so that your networks, services and applications, whatever their evolution over time, function optimally.

We want to make this task easier for you, and for this reason we have wide flexibility in the processes, adaptation to any type of client (public sector, SMEs, multinationals …) and a wide expertise of our professionals, which has allowed us to count on various success stories throughout our history.


HONESTY: we pursue consistency with what we think, decide and do.

COMMITMENT: we make our own challenges and we make the maximum effort to fulfill them.

DETERMINATION: we are effective at solving complex problems. As experts, our advice is prominent within our area of ​​knowledge.

WORK OPTIMIZATION: we are exhaustive with what we do, we offer extensive support with manufacturer quality, consulting services, development of our own applications and other value-added services in order to improve control and optimize your user experience.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: we have been working for years with the large IBEX 35 companies and the main national network operators, conveying their satisfaction in relation to the technology and the service provided.

Valor diferencial de Ayscom

What makes us different?

Know-how transfer is the main added value for our company

Since our inception we have focused on helping the main Spanish organizations with the following premises:

Build, validate and optimize your ICT networks and data centers.

Protect your most critical information.

Ensuring your systems are continually ready and capable of delivering new mission-critical applications and services.

Being aware of the complexity of these operations, our most important asset is the support and training that we offer to our customers to make you a complete expert in the equipment and solutions that we market effectively.

Business Goals

The ultimate goal is to maximize your business benefits by optimizing your networks and applications, with the different collaboration models, ranging from advice and supply of solutions (including integration, commissioning, training and operational assistance) to the total outsourcing of the managed service (TaaS, Tests as a Service), so that you can dedicate your resources to other critical objectives of your business.

Our Portfolio


Based on passive, active probes or other sources (SNMP, NetFlow, OSS, SW Agents), Fiber, xDSL, Video, GSM / GPRS / UMTS / HSDPA / LTE VAS, Small cells and WiFi, IMS, VoLTE / VoWiFi / ViWiFi, NFV, M2M, IP / MPLS

Test bench and environment simulations
Forensic analysis
Perimeter security
High availability of online systems


Functional units, load tests and regression tests.

Application Performance, Broadband, Carrier Ethernet, Datacenter / Cloud, High Speed ​​Ethernet, NFV, Routing / Switching, SDN, Mobile Core Network


Traffic capturers (splitter, copper TAPs, virtual TAPs)

Traffic aggregation, filtering and balancing (NPBs)


QoS  y QoE