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We are the preferred distribution and support platform for the leading electronic instrumentation manufacturers. We have provided service to the most important clients in every sector of the industry for over 13 years.


Regardless of network size or application complexity, our rigorous measurement and data analysis enables us to improve control and optimize the user experience.


We offer support with manufacturers’ quality standards, consulting, and proprietary application development along with other value-added services.




Alerts to protect you from cybercriminals

Every year, cyber-crime attacks are more sophisticated. This is why cybersecurity groups must have a multitude of protection systems that work at maximum performance and allow them to defend the different areas of the network and services from the different types of threats that exist. These systems and their operators must also be continuously updating…

Active SSL solves the ephemeral key encryption issue

Encryption is the critical enabling technology on the internet. Whether we know it or not, we use it every day, for everything from conducting business, to shopping, to sending and receiving emails. It’s the fundamental building block of online data protection. And of course, as with any such security tool, the standards underpinning it have to be regularly…

Migrate to the cloud, Netscout makes it easy for you

NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC., (NASDAQ: NTCT), a leading provider of service assurance, cybersecurity, and business intelligence solutions, has announced the industry’s first products designed to extend service assurance that include broad application assurance, encompassing off-the-shelf or custom applications, running in physical or virtual data centers, or in the cloud. “There has been a lack of solutions…

Live the Oscilloscope Revolution ONLY AT AYSCOM!

Ayscom presents the new oscilloscopes of the RTB2000 series from Rohde & Schwarz.  Rohde & Schwarz, a leading German manufacturer of electronic equipment, is entering the oscilloscope market with a fully upgradeable instrument between 70 and 300 MHz. The R&S®RTB2000 offers 10-bit vertical resolution, standard 10-sample memory and a 10.1 “capacitive touchscreen. The highest performance…

Course presentation of the New Ekahau Sidekick ™

Ekahau Sidekick™ The First Wi-Fi Site Survey and Troubleshooting Device, ALREADY at Ayscom. With the presence of Nick Turner, Technical Engineer of Ekahau, the presentation of the new Ekahau Sidekick will take place on October 5th. Simple and practical equipment that you just have to connect to start measuring, getting Wi-fi field studies twice as fast….

Internet of Things, the great lead generator

Internet of Things (IoT): a phenomenon that includes all While not a new phenomenon, the Internet of Things continues to build momentum and has huge implications for both the consumers and producers of today’s technology. More people are becoming more comfortable with the idea of tracking personal data, from health factors like their calorific intake…